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Cooking to me is art. Food alone is art.  Not one day goes by without me thinking about food, a new dish or the next experiment I want to take on.  My passion is farm to table and I believe that growing your own food is the most beautiful thing a person can do.  I want to contribute, give back, and change the way people think of food. 


 One early morning near my home I went to forage watercress and it was such an amazing feeling to pick that watercress with my bare hands, clean it, then use it in a dish to give someone else that happiness;  Nature's gifts.  Cooking not only is art to me, but also a passion; it keeps me living.  Cooking excites me, it is something I live for and I have never had such a passion or eagerness to learn in my life.


This is the world of food through my eyes; my passions...


"A picture is a poem without words."


Photography by: Hai Ng and Priscilla Moynihan


A Dear Friends Honeycomb

Chili De Arbol

Maple Taping

Gardening Shift Drink

Seeded Garlic and Bee Balm

Garlic and Herb Chicken

Homegrown Rainbow Swiss Chard

Foraged Wine Berries

Head in the Flowers


Mise En Place

Favorite Wooden Spoons



Foraged Morel Mushrooms

Where it Began

Team Andre

James Beard House


Wild Garlic

Andre's Restaurant

Double Yolk

Corn on the Cobb


NJ Herald Article


Perona Farms


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